June 7, 2020

A bit of flashback

Blue Light Glasses

My vision began to “weaken” when I was in class seven. During my school days, there was no gaming console, and it couldn’t be due to my computer which appeared late enough. No physical injury happened, and hence, no oculist could really explain the reasons for such a sad fact.
“Too fast growth of the body and bad ecology, apparently” – those so-called specialists reasoned.
At last, when I entered the institution, I was constantly wearing glasses. By that time, I daily spent 4 to 8 hours before the computer. It was not any special concern. The progress of myopia “stopped” with a stable “minus”.

The situation did not change during the institution years, although my eyes sometimes felt like hell. A few hours before the monitor at the institute, several hours of game every day, still I did not experience any discomfort or fatigue of the eyes, which at times even surprised me.
In the last couple of years, the situation has changed seriously.

Eyes became corny tired during the working day from viewing documents, web pages and Excel spreadsheets.
Sometimes even a reasonable break with viewing the world outside the window or just meditation with your eyes closed did not help.
The ophthalmologist did not advise anything plainly. No changes or deviations were noticed. But at the same time, my eyes became insanely tired from the display, which caused headaches.
“Spend less time in front of the monitor” was the only advice of a doctor. Ironically, very efficient instruction when your work is almost always connected with the computer.

Xiaomi Computer Glasses surprised me at once
A friend advised me to try protective computer glasses Xiaomi and assured that my eyes would stop the ache. Advertisements said that these glasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation, and also prevent dryness and irritation of the eyes.
I reacted to the points doubtfully but trusted my friend.  
Packaging and bundling pleasantly surprised me. A white box with a picture of the glasses, inside of which individual modules are packed with the components of the glasses.
In a separate box made of the white plastic substrate, I found:

  • bezel
  • 2 pairs of hands (classic and sports version)
  • 2 noses (small and large size)
  • stylish slim case for glasses
  • wiper for cleaning
  • Operation Manual

Classic bowls are glossy and have a metal base, with average flexibility. Sports arms are matte, have an order of magnitude, more plastic than classic ones are used and the ends are rubberized, which allows the glasses to sit more tightly on the head.
The modular design takes less than a minute to assemble. Without any additional tools.
If it were not for the Chinese inscriptions on the box, I would think that this is an expensive brand thing. Excellent quality materials are utilized and it’s easy to rely on the assembled structure. Bravo, Xiaomi!

Protection or placebo effect?

Most of all, I was interested in the lenses themselves. They are made of high-quality polymer and have a nine-layer protective coating.
The production of lenses is handled by the Japanese company Hoya, which has existed since 1941, among its partners I will mention the Pentax brand. If you read the history of the company, it becomes clear that Hoya is one of the market leaders in this niche. You can trust the quality of the components they provided.
The lens shows slightly “yellow” picture, I assume that this is due to the fact that they (according to the advertising brochures) reflect 35% of the blue light. You can say that you get True Tone in the real world by wearing glasses.
At first it was unusual. It took me two days to get used to glasses, as I have been wearing contact lenses for a long time. But then gradually I began to notice that my eyes became less strained when working with glasses, because the “picture” from the screen became softer, warmer and more pleasant.
A month later, I can say with confidence that I’ve sensed their efficiency. My eyes received additional protection, so I got no longer visual fatigue.
The feeling of “sandbox” in the eyes occurred previously, are no longer exists.

Sensations and appearance
The glasses themselves are very light, the head does not get tired from wearing them. The frame looks fashionable, although hipsters would be tired of the design.

The frame is universal, visually suitable for most people.
The blink from the lamps on the lenses creates an element of charm, this stylish blue luster will draw attention of the surrounding people.
Talking of the drawbacks- I note the incredible margin of the lens, they easily collect prints. I cannot say that the cloth vitally corrects this problem. The ideal solution of this problem is to use warm water and soap. After simple wash under the faucet, the glasses again look like new ones, and the lenses become crystal clear.


If you regularly sit in front of the monitor during working hours, or spend a lot of time playing computer games – protective computer glasses are mandatory. The eyes will remain “protected” from unnecessary strain, and you’ll be free from a potential headache.

What kind of protective glasses should everyone consider?
Personally, I liked the Xiaomi Computer Glasses for its quality, appearance and overall protective effect. It’s a useful & stylish gadget for modern man.
Seeing in such a frame, some may think that, you are a normal hipster. On the contrary, a whiz person who sees the blue glitter of “glasses” will understand that you are not showing off, but simply taking care of your health.


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