November 20, 2021

Have you ever wondered “What is the difference between Blended and Single Origin Coffee?” To help you better understand the types of coffees, we have put up this article, so read on.

What Exactly Is Single Origin Coffee?

Just from the name, you probably already have an idea of what single origin coffee means, but you may not understand the full details. Single-origin coffee is coffee that comes from a single farm or comes from a single country. When coffee is labeled as a single-origin, it is easy to trace the exact place in the world where it was grown.

Now, the source of these beans may cover the whole country. It may also cover just a region of the country. Sometimes, the whole bag may have been harvested in a single farm.

Single-origin coffee has risen in popularity among coffee roasters and independent coffee shops in the past years. The reason why single-origin coffee has become so popular is that each coffee producing area and the coffee farms will produce coffee that has a very unique flavor profile.

What About Coffee Blends?

A coffee blend is one which uses more than one type of coffee. A blend can consist of coffees from different regions within a country, different countries or origins. Because a coffee blend consists of more than one type of coffee beans, the flavor notes are a lot harder to pick out. Blended coffee could not exist without single-origin coffee. A coffee blend is made up of single-origin coffees that have been blended together to create a highly unique and complex flavor profile.

So what are the major differences between blended coffee and single origin coffee?

While there are many differences between single origin coffees and coffee blends, here are the notable ones:

  •   Cost And Availability

Because of the change in season, origin coffees aren’t available all year round. Because of their seasonal nature, not much of them is produced. On the other hand, coffee blends combine various coffee beans from diverse origins, staying available at all times.

Needless to say, this means that single origin coffees are usually more expensive than coffee blends. 

  •  Taste

When it comes to a clean, original taste, a lot of coffee lovers who understand what coffee should taste like would go for the single origin coffee. Usually, they would prefer to stick to its basic form, enjoying their single origin coffees black, free from any additional ingredients like cream or sugar.

On the other hand, there are many who prefer their cappuccino or latte creamy and sweet. These people would prefer the coffee blends available at most local coffee shops. (Visit Qiso Cafe @DSO to try our our special blended coffee)

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