November 28, 2021

What will urban transportation look like in the future? That is rapidly becoming the million-dollar question. There is an explosion of e-scooters on the urban mobility scene. Brands like Xiaomi are suddenly standing in every corner of the city. Offering zero-noise, zero-emissions and a technology-driven, ride-sharing model, e-scooters seemed to be the ideal answer to most urban cities’ traffic problems and emission reduction goals.

The global pandemic affected the public transport system in the majority of the cities. This forced people to look for an alternative mode of transport. Because of this, the industry analysts are seeing new mobility trends emerging, which are breathing new life into the e-scooter industry. 

The future of mobility is up for grabs

For now, it appears that innovation and regulation might actually go hand-in-hand. City planners are realizing the benefits of e-scooters, and looking to re-configure urban landscapes to allow place for micro mobility users. On the innovator side, e-scooter manufacturers and other micro mobility players have to do their part to ensure that they provide the necessary context for their technology to succeed.

It is clear that e-scooters will play a vital role in mobility’s future. Considering this, mobility manufacturers need to keep three things in mind when developing new mobility technology: 

  1. See the product from the user’s point of view. No mobility solution is used in a vacuum. Micro mobility users have to interact with other scooters and bicycles, buses, trams, trains and pedestrians. So design the mobility solution with the entire transportation ecosystem in mind. Check out Xiaomi Electric Scooters
  2. Help customers understand the value your product provides. Education is a critical part of introducing new technologies into the market.
  3. And above all: Be fast, be brave and have fun creating. The micro mobility future waits for no one. Check out the latest Mi Electric Scooter 3
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