June 21, 2020

Single Origin Speciality Coffee

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Notes: Intense aroma, fruity flavor, grapes like, rounded body with moderate acidity.

Variety: Arabica Typica

Processing Method: Natural

Roasting Profile: 3/5

Altitude: 1350 – 1600 m. volcanic soil around mount Geureudong and Volcano Mountain Burni Telong in Bener Meriah regency.

Suitable for: Pour-over, filter and Milk based coffee  

This coffee is grown under the shade of Papaya and Avocado trees on volcanic soil in a tropical climate.  This Northern Sumatra region of the Gayo tribe is renowned for its high-quality Arabica coffee.  The region is remote and difficult to reach, but the 14-20 hours drive from Medan is worth it for coffee lovers.

The coffee is processed by the son of Bapak Hasi, who pioneered the introduction and sale of Sumatra coffee to the Pacific region of the United States.

Today, they are leader in producing Quality Coffee for the US, Korea, Taiwan, China and Middle East markets.  Their processing unit is certified Organic (Europe, United States, and Korea) and Fair Trade.

Manual Brewing Instructions

Brewing MethodTemperatureRatioGrinding LevelBrew TimeMethod of Preparation
French Press93°20 gr -20 ml
10 gr – 100 ml
Medium / CoarseAdd ground coffee into the Press and ½ of water. Bloom for 30 sec and stir gently. Add remaining water and let coffee bloom 4 min. Slowly press down & serve

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