Features & Benefits:

  • Protective film safeguards your favorite panties
  • Super absorbent core helps to lock in liquids for extra protection
  • Control odours
  • Longer and wider than regular liners
  • Secure Stay-in-place
  • Perfect Fit Design ‚A adapts with your body movement
  • Dermatologically-tested cover
  • Breathable material

AED 16.75 AED / 20s


Ideal for pre- and post-period, as tampons backup, and especially for daily panty protection, Carefree Large Panty Liners with a fresh scent have you covered!

With a super-absorbent core, Carefree Large Panty Liners gives you long-lasting protection, confidence and freshness. Their soft-touch surface allows your most delicate skin to breathe, and give you a soft, comfortable feeling every day.

Carefree Large Panty Liners are dermatologically-tested, have a comfortable, soft cover, a stay-in-place fit and secure design.

Whilst pads are suited for that time of the month, Carefree panty liners are your solution to feeling clean and fresh down there, every other day of the month.

Feel clean and fresh everyday with Carefree!