Freakin Healthy Raw Chocolate w Cacao Nibs

AED 11.00 AED / 40gms


  • Our chocolate bars are completely vegan, and do not use any gluten, wheat, eggs or any dairy additives in their making, thus making sure, you get to have as many snacks as you want.
  • The cocoa slows down aging, promotes blood circulation, and brain activity. Furthermore, the hefty amount of protein in these bars make sure your bodily needs of all nutrients remains fulfilled.
  • While we maintain our hatred and enmity with sugar, we also would like to declare that our Chocolate bars are completely added refined sugar free. We love cocoa and let it shine in all its glory.
  • To avoid this we have made the use of preservatives, artificial flavours, and food colouring totally redundant. All our products are free from any synthetic additives.
  • Raw Chocolate bars the best available chocolate in the market and order as much as you want. So order right now,anytime you want.