Mi Body Composition Scale

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Mi Body Composition Scale

Know yourself better with 10 precise data points

• Precise body data

• Mi Fit App

• Clean, minimalist design

10 precise data points that matter

In addition to body weight, Mi Body Composition Scale provides accurate body composition statistics that gives you a realistic picture of your health and fitness.

  • Muscle mass – Weight of Muscle in your body.
  • BMI – Measure of body fat based on the ratio of height to weight.
  • Bone mass – The weight of bone mineral in your body.
  • Weight – The estimate overall body mass
  • Body fat – The actual weight of fat in your body.
  • Visceral fat – It resides deep at the core abdominal region, surrounding your organs.
  • Stay motivated – Stay inspired on your weight goal journey by consistently comparing with people around you.
  • Basal metabolism – The minimum level of energy required to keep your body functioning at rest.
  • Body score – An overall evaluation of your body composition.
  • Water – The total amount of fluid in your body expressed in percentage.