Chocolate Creme Filling With The Bold Taste Of Two Crunchy Chocolate Wafers

AED 10.25 AED / 60g


OREO Mini Chocolate Sandwich Cookies pack the classic OREO flavour, but in a bite-size cookie that is easy to enjoy. These mini cookies have the same creme filling you’ve always loved and are the perfect size for snacking. OREO Minis are bite-sized cookies that are great for sharing, enjoying by the handful or adding to lunches. These mini chocolate cookies are ideal for your on the go lifestyle.

  • Twelve 1.0 oz packs of OREO Mini Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
  • Mini chocolate cookies with classic OREO creme
  • Miniature cookies are perfectly bite-sized for easy snacking
  • Great for lunch boxes, party favours, and quick snacks
  • Try using these bite-sized cookies to top ice cream