Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2

AED 39.00 AED


The angled base of the Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 can be easily positioned on bedside tables and other tabletops, and the base’s custom adhesive* lets you firmly secure it by staircases and corridors, at the corners of beds, on bathroom walls, beside your child’s bed, inside a closet or cupboard and many other places.


Product size- Width 80 mm, Height 62 mm

Product Weight- 72 grams

Colour Temperature- 2800K

Brightness- Lowest 3 lm (brightness deviation ±1 lm), highest 25 lm (brightness deviation ±5 lm)

Sensor- Infrared detection + light sensor

Battery Life- High setting: approx. 8 months, Low setting: approx. 15 months

Power Supply- 3× AA batteries

Working Temperature- -10℃–40℃

Rated Power- 0.34W

Input Voltage- 4.5V